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Over 30,000 women took part in the first survey, which was funded by the World Cancer Research Fund.  Participants have been asked to provide the following information:

  • Self Reported
    Questionnaire 1 – Baseline (includes Food Frequency Questionnaire)
    Questionnaire 2 – Phase 2
    Food Diary – Phase 2
    Snacking Questionnaire – Phase 2
  • Biological Samples
    Iron Status
    Taste Genetics
  • Health Registry Outcomes
    Cancer Incidence

The data collected has already provided us with some useful scientific information about dietary patterns and health in women. To develop this further and to gain new scientific insights we are making the data from the UK Women’s Cohort Study available for researchers to use. 

If you would like a copy of a questionnaire or would like to apply to use data from the UK Women’s Cohort Study please contact the Consumer Data Research Centre: